Here the rocket landed.
Thank you too., we registrert sex offenders everett wa always thank the independent journalist who speaks on a humanitarian level, our friend Vanessa Beeley.
Vanessa Beeley, thank you" thank you to, nabel Alabdalla and your wonderful family- to the brave soldiers in the NDF, the SAA and to the people of Skeilbiyyeh and Mhardeh who truly teach us the meaning of resistance against the terrorist plague that threatens.We affirm the resistance and we will remain steadfast.These groups are embedded in the countryside bordering Al Skeilbiyyeh.They targeted the churches, they targeted the markets, the market was completely destroyed, they targeted the children's schools, now you will see the footage, they had targeted 4 children schools.Why are the West and Europe supporting them?They en enke ' s guide til sex (the terrorists) always send messages of forced displacement, murder - sectarian messages which we have never experienced before.
The Festival provides hundreds of pairs of pants and long-sleeved shirts (or sweatshirts) for our scarecrows, but are currently still in need of both types of items.
He worked in Lebanon for 4 years, collecting pennies to build this house, for 4 years.
Look at his face, is he a militant?Enjoy exciting, interactive and educational programs, entertainment and activities.Here we are now, and the launching site is visible.They are the light in the darkness that has been introduced into their land by the imperialist predators.This the level of destruction of one rocket, this is not a usual rocket, look there, it has severed a concrete pillar, scraped the iron bars here, destroyed this house, destroyed that house, it has destroyed two neighborhoods - one rocket.