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Giving of bribe in private sector (1) Promising or giving of a bribe in the private sector is punishable by a pecuniary punishment or up to five years imprisonment.
Member States may help SMEs to overcome the specific market failures they face via many existing state aid possibilities 245.
What action will the Commission take with regard to compliance with EU environmental legislation, for example the WFD in the case of the water pollution mentioned above, or the processing by the Spanish authorities of new or "retroactive" environmental authorisations for open-cast mining sites.
Security researchers sometimes need to use such tools to obtain unpermitted access to certain information systems, with no criminal intent.Se zámrem Komise, jak je uveden v oznámení pedbžnch informací o zakázce, drazn nesouhlasím, nebo tato kampa by pokodila tradiní eskou znaku s názvem "Tuzemák".Ervna 2012) Jakmile politiky EU vedou ke strukturálním zmnám v tradiních odvtvích v partnerskch zemích, EU asto tmto odvtvím pomáhá se pizpsobit na mnící se obchodní prostedí, nkdy i s pomocí pechodnch opatení.De Europese Unie is niet van plan om haar ontwikkelingssteun op terreinen als goed bestuur, de rechtsstaat en de mensenrechten in Vietnam terug te schroeven.Naar aanleiding van de partnerschapskaderovereenkomst en na evaluatie van het ingediende jaarlijkse werkprogramma heeft enar een subsidie gekregen van 961 300,47 EUR (83,55 van de totale kosten van de organisatie) voor de periode van tot en met 31 december 2009, van 967 553,88 EUR (82,55 van.Acknowledging the essentially local significance of these services and in line with the principle of subsidiarity, it is up to the Member States and the national or local authorities within the Member States to regulate the provision of these services.194196) a za rok 2010 (par.Is there, or does the EU plan to provide, any special financial support for the beekeeping industry to purchase the required feed?In such cases, Member States should act with respect of their obligations regarding fundamental rights, as kvinne leter etter neukmaatje resulting from their national legislation and international agreements to which they are parties.92 PB C 160 van.6.2010.According to the Slovakian legislation in force, the electric company - as the owner of the cables - has the right to place the cables on the property and has no obligation to provide compensation to the property owner.
Subject: VP/HR - Infanticide in Ethiopia.
(Nederlandse versie) Vraag met verzoek om schriftelijk antwoord P-004659/12 aan de Commissie Ivo Belet (PPE) ( ) Betreft: Olie-exploratie in het Congolose Nationaal park Virunga Recent werd bekend dat een consortium van oliemaatschappijen - waaronder het bedrijf soco Internatio.
A pénzügyi kultúra fejlesztésére irányuló színvonalas programokkal nemzetgazdasági szint jóléti többlet teremthet, hiszen a pénzügyekben való tájékozottság növelése ersíti a stabilitást, és így távlatilag hozzájárul a gazdaság növekedéséhez.Does Eurostat collect data for "new jobs" by country?È la Commissione in grado di indicare da quali soggetti dovrebbe essere finanziato weman ute etter sex il fondo di risoluzione al quale accenna il Vicepresidente della BCE?63 COM(2012) 173 final.Antwoord van hoge Ashton namens de Commissie ( ) De Commissie spant zich sinds 2004 in om in Vietnam de mensenrechten te bevorderen en te beschermen en de democratie en de rechtsstaat te versterken.One day of detention or imprisonment corresponds to one hour of community service which minimum duration is five hours.Their value really lies in this: by being appropriately stimulated in the test tube, they can be "transformed" into specialised cells of many different kinds.(English version) Question for written answer E-004554/12 to the Commission Andrea eková (ECR) ( ) Subject: Evaluation of projects with regard to the drawing EU financial resources within the framework of monitoring by the European Court of Auditors Given that the drawing of financial resources.

(English version) Question for written answer E-004558/12 to the Commission Cristiana Muscardini (PPE) ( ) Subject: The hell of Dadaab Dadaab, the worlds largest refugee camp, is home to 400 000 people who live in huts built from twigs in a desert ravaged by wind.
If an offender withdraws his or her consent for application of electronic surveillance prior to expiry of the term of punishment, the court shall enforce the imprisonment substituted.
If it is the case that more VOCs are being released, how does the Commission propose to address this issue?