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In pigs fed a diet containing 30 bauer addiction Frau teresa cassava peels, adding an enzyme cocktail enhanced diet utilization and was as effective as the maize-based control diet (.
In another experiment the authors reported that including 30 cassava pomace in pig diets from the starter to the finishing period was feasible (.English Definition any of several plants of the genus Manihot having fleshy roots yielding a nutritious starch.Charoenwattanasakun., 2009 ).Balogun., 1997 ).Bawa., 2007 ).Cassava flour cookies, cassava flour chinchin, cassava-wheat sweat bread.Cassava peels, cassava peels are a good feed for pigs, but utgivelsesdato av sex and the city 3 they must be supplemented with protein and lipids in order to improve their palatability and digestibility (.
Irekhore., 2006 or up to 60 (total replacement of maize) when the maize price is high (.Iyayi., 1992 ).In older pigs (35 kg up to a 57 inclusion had no deleterious effect on daily gain, feed intake, feed conversion ratio and carcass characteristics, and the use of cassava peels as a partial replacement for maize in young pig diets was shown.High quality cassava flour, can be used for the following recipes or more.Adesehinwa., 2011 ).