But is the accused really the killer?
Franco Nero, Anthony Quinn and Pamela Tiffin star. .
No one knew what to make of this comedy!D210 Pigman (76) Indonesian obscurity about a guy who follows an old sorcerer into a cave, eats a human toe and a fish-head given to him by the sorcerer, then transforms into a huge pig!Quite a classic here this one.Even 1991 is a lost era!A typical suburban teen and his friends start their own pirate radio station and become an underground cult hit!Still, it is filmed in New Zealand and has a foreign flair not found in horror comedies over here. .When Annette's son is kidnapped and the guests start turning up dead, Detective Juan is on the case to catch the killer.N838 Golden Night (76) aka: Nuit d'or aka: Die Nacht aus Gold A man (Klaus Kinski) thought dead returns for revenge, killing his relatives one by one.D29 Earthbound (40) A murdered man (Warner Baxter) helps his widow bring his killer to justice.
This is full of atmosphere, well fed ravens, several grisly scenes and an intense police investigation.BA P727 Ski Patrol (40) 1939: Finnish reserve unit defends border, home-town in valley below, from Russian invaders who are excavating an explosives-laden tunnel under their mountaintop encampment.A look-a-like is about, up to the same old tricks.Look for Mary Millington and Anna Bergman in cameos.Swords are also part of the gory mayhem delivered in this one.